Login Instructions

Please use the same Username and Password that you use to login to MyFAU
If you still are unable to login, please call 561-297-3999 and have them reset your Password or visit FAU Electronic Accounts
The Freshman Online Advising & Resource System (OARS) is now CLOSED.

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark this login page so you can check the status of your OARS Form and log back in to view your approved courses.

  • Transfer students with 30 or more credits, Freshmen with an AA degree, and Second Bachelor's students do not complete OARS. You will be advised through the college of your intended major. Also, you will meet with an advisor at Orientation.
  • First-year students with 60 or more credits will be advised through the college of their intended major. Attendance at Freshman Orientation is required. Please contact University Advising Services (advisingservices@fau.edu) if you have questions about the completion of your Intellectual Foundations Program (IFP).
  • Note: Exceptions to any of the above items will be contacted via email or phone.

If you have questions along the way, there are tutorials in PDF available to you once you log in. You can contact us at advisingservices@fau.edu or by telephone at (561) 297-3064. REMEMBER: Participation in the OARS process DOES NOT exempt you from attending the university's MANDATORY Orientation program.


FAU has adopted a mandatory math placement assessment to determine students’ math proficiency. The assessment is known as ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning). All entering first-year students are required to take the ALEKS PPL assessment. Students may take the assessment no earlier than 12 months before they plan to take their first math class at FAU. ALEKS PPL is a proctored assessment. Students who plan to take a math course must complete the ALEKS PPL assessment before attending orientation. [More Information].

  • If you have earned credit for a college-level math class by taking classes at a college or university or through Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Exam Program (CLEP), High School Dual Enrollment, please submit the following form: ALEKS Exemption Request. If you are currently logged into your personal Gmail account in the same browser in which you've opened the Exemption Request, please log out. You must log into the Exemption Request form using your FAU credentials (FAU NetID and Password).

I can't log into OARS. What do I do?

1. Username/Password error: Go to accounts.fau.edu and reset your password
2. You must pay your Tuition Deposit before you can log into OARS
3. You must take the ALEKS PPL before you can log into OARS and your ALEKS score must upload to the system. If you are trying to log into OARS the same day you took ALEKS:

  • You took ALEKS before 11:50am - can log into OARS after 1:00pm the same day
  • You took ALEKS between 11:51am and 7:50pm - can log into OARS after 9:15pm the same day
  • You took ALEKS after 7:51pm - can log into OARS after 6:45am the next day

If you are still unable to log into OARS even after you have reset your password through accounts.fau.edu, paid your Tuition Deposit, and taken your ALEKS PPL, please submit a ticket to the OIT help desk and the error will be resolved in a timely manner. Be sure to click Submit a Ticket and login in with your FAUNet ID credentials. SUBMIT A TICKET.