The Freshman Online Advising & Resource System (OARS) is now CLOSED.

Login to OARS using your FAUNet ID and Password

I can't log into OARS. What do I do?

Username/Password Error: Go to and reset your password
If you are trying to log into OARS the same day you took ALEKS:

  • You took ALEKS before 11:50am - can log into OARS after 1:00pm the same day
  • You took ALEKS between 11:51am and 7:50pm - can log into OARS after 9:15pm the same day
  • You took ALEKS after 7:51pm - can log into OARS after 6:45am the next day

If you are still unable to log into OARS even after you have reset your password through, paid your Tuition Deposit, taken your ALEKS PPL, and/or received an ALEKS exemption, please submit a ticket to the OIT help desk and the error will be resolved in a timely manner. Be sure to click Submit a Ticket and login in with your FAUNet ID credentials. SUBMIT A TICKET.

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